what's your style?

6 colour options

Our units come in 6 various colour options. All units are finished in a matte exterior, with a glossy refillable cartridge.

Allure -matte gold casing with gold cartridge

Celeste- matte white casing with silver cartridge

Elegance- matte black casing with gold cartridge

Glamour- matte gold casing with gold cartridge

Onyx- matte black casing with black gold cartridge

Stellar- matte silver casing with silver cartridge

Kill germs, not your style

6 fragrances

Our refill bottles come in 6 various great smelling fragrances. They all contain 80% Ethyl Alcohol and leave your hands smelling fresh. They are not the sticky gel sanitizers and are a power mist spray.

Citrus Mist

Peach Paradise

French Lavander

Midnight Musk & Vanilla

Eucalyptus & Spearmint

Bamboo Bliss