Convenient Luxury

our philosophy

We believe hand sanitization should be chic, convenient, and ecological

how it started

What happens when a seasoned entrepreneur meets a practicing physician? SPRUTZA. This unlikely duo combined entrepreneurial inspiration, with two decades of medical expertise to bring luxury and innovation to what has now become a modern-day necessity – hand sanitizer.

The medical half of this team has served through the SARS pandemic, two flu pandemics and was a frontline worker on the hospital COVID unit. It was during these times he realized the simplicity and importance of the hand hygiene needed to maintain good health during a pandemic.

The business-minded half of the team has ten years’ experience creating revolutionary solutions. He brings the creative genius that gives Sprutza its originality.

Our purpose

MISSION: Our mission is to offer a high quality, fashionable solution to hand hygiene

VISION: We believe hand sanitization should be fun, simple, and sexy. We empower individuals to maintain good hand hygiene by making it easy and stylish

VALUES: Our customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. We provide our clients with the best in hand sanitization