• Allure - Matte gold casing with gold cartridge
  • Celeste - Matte white casing with silver cartridge
  • Elegance- Matte black casing with gold cartridge
  • Glamour - Matte gold casing with gold cartridge
  • Onyx - Matte black casing with black gold cartridge
  • Stellar - Matte silver casing with silver cartridge


  • Citrus Blossom -An uplifting burst of grapefruit, lemon, and lime with subtle hint of floral notes
  • Eucalyptus and Spearmint - A refreshing classic. Eucalyptus and spearmint with a hint of citrus mint
  • Floral Fantasy-A sensuous blend of peony, jasmine, and rose with hints of musk and creamy vanilla
  • French Lavender - A soothing combination of lavender and herbs, with a delicate woody undertone
  • Mango Temptation-The perfect blend of sweet, tropical mango, juicy apple, and a hint of coconut
  • Melon Splash- Refreshing melon with a blend of sweet peach and juicy berries
  • Peach Paradise - An exotic blend of peach and pineapple, with an undertone of creamy vanilla
  • Secret Garden-This blend of juicy pears and fresh green tea with nuances of gardenia reminisces a crisp spring morning 
  • Fragrance Free - Unscented formula does not contain fragrance