Deluxe Box Set


Gift it, share it, or keep it all for yourself. The Sprutza Hand Sanitizer Deluxe Set is the perfect way to #sharesprutzanotgerms.  It comes with 2 prefilled devices and 4 scented refills that contain almost 4000 mist sprays of our no-gloop, fast-absorbing formula that will leave your hands germfree and smelling amazing. The pocket-sized device is environmentally friendly, so you can sanitize without the guilt- say hi to your new eco-on-the-go hand sanitizer!


Personalize your ORDER

We can personalize our units with any logo of your choice. Perfect for any organization looking to increase their exposure, or an ideal gift for your customers and employees. We will work with you to bring your idea to life.

We can also work with retailers interested in carrying our product.

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  • ONYX - Matte black casing with black gold cartridge
  • ELEGANCE - Matte black casing with gold cartridge
  • ALLURE - Matte white casing with gold cartridge
  • CELESTE - Matte white casing with silver cartridge
  • OPULENCE - Matte gold casing with gold cartridge
  • STELLAR - Matte silver casing with silver cartridge



  • Midnight Musk & Vanilla - A simple blend of warm vanilla and spicy musk
  • French Lavender - A soothing combination of lavender and herbs, with a delicate woody undertone
  • Eucalyptus and Spearmint - A refreshing classic. Eucalyptus and spearmint with a hint of citrus mint
  • Citrus Blossom - An uplifting burst of lemon, orange, and lime, with a subtle hint of floral notes
  • Peach Paradise - An exotic blend of peach and pineapple, with an undertone of creamy vanilla
  • Bamboo Bliss - A luxurious blend of sandalwood and cedar wood, with a sweet floral undertone
  • Fragrance Free - Unscented formula does not contain fragrance

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